You’ll Get Professional Representation

When you hire us, we work tirelessly to act as your guide and advocate through the home-buying process. There are many details to address from offer negotiations, property inspections, the loan process, real estate paperwork and timelines & deadlines to meet. Having someone to help you understand and navigate the entire process is an invaluable resource, and we are knowledgeable experts in this field. Our team prides ourselves on great service through our constant communication & explanation of the process and what to expect, persuasive negotiation and relevant current market knowledge. Not all agents out there offer equal service and we constantly strive to be the best in our field.

It’s FREE!

You may or may not know this, but in almost all cases hiring a buyer’s agent costs you as the buyer absolutely nothing. When sellers sign a contract to sell their home, they agree to pay a commission to their listing agent who in turns shares that commission with the buyer’s agent that sells the home. So the seller pays our pre-determined commission as the buyer’s agent and it costs you absolutely nothing to have your own agent to advocate for your best interests. That’s about as good as it gets!

It Can Save You Time and Money

When you hire us to represent you, part of our job is to help you determine the fair market value of any home you may consider buying. As a consumer, there are various sources of information available to you that can help you determine a value. However, these sources may not be accurate or current and may even offer differing opinions. We base our knowledge on real-time market conditions and MLS data to provide the most current, relevant and accurate information possible to help you make great, well-informed decisions. And being well-informed can save you time and money!

We Understand What You’ll Be Experiencing

Buying a home is not just a matter of paperwork and contracts, it’s an emotional experience that can be full of ups and downs as well. We understand the fears and potential frustrations, as well as the excitement and anticipation you are likely to experience along the way. Whether you are a first-time buyer or have more experience, there are always factors to consider, and having an experienced guide and sounding board through the process can make a huge difference in the satisfaction and outcome of your experience.

We Know the Ins & Outs of Today’s Market

Today’s market is full of many new challenges, including short sales, bank-owned foreclosures, depreciating values and loan struggles. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in all of these areas so we can help guide you towards the best type of property and situation for your needs and help set your expectations of what the process will entail for all of your choices. It’s a jungle out there and we’d be honored to be your tour guide!

To Learn More About Buying A Home & The Service We Provide, Please Feel Free to Call Us Anytime-We’re Here to Help!


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