There are many things you can do to prepare your home for sale. Your real estate agent will have their hands full with your marketing and paperwork, and here are some tips that you as a seller can do to help your home sell faster. Selling your home is a team effort between you and your agent and the little things you can do to improve the presentation of your property can make a big difference in helping your home sell more quickly.


___Yard and Patio should be neat & de-cluttered; outdoor furniture should be clean & in good shape

___Clean or Paint your front door- Remember, 1st impressions are important

___Manicure your front entry, front yard and driveway-Replace any plants that are not in great shape


___Touch up with fresh paint as needed

___Check that mailbox and exterior lighting are in good repair

___Clean windows and screens


___Tidy & De-Clutter, Clean out cabinets & shelves

___Clean Floor, if possible, to look fresh and clean

Interior Living Areas:

___Apply fresh paint as needed in neutral colors to brighten your rooms

___Clean carpets & neutralize any noticeable odors

___Replace burned out light bulbs

___De-clutter spaces and closets and rearrange furniture as needed to create spacious feel

___Clean windows to let in more light

___Take down family photos to depersonalize your space


___Clean Refrigerator, Cooktop, Microwave and Oven

___Sinks and countertops should sparkle and be clutter free

___Clean any grout and paint if necessary


___Fix any faucet drips or leaks

___Clean Mirrors; de-clutter countertops and underneath cabinets as well

___Replace shower curtain if necessary

___Clean tile, grout and caulking, re-caulk and paint if necessary


___Remove clutter and neatly arrange shoes and clothes

___Make sure closet doors or door handles roll and open easily


___Check all door handles, locks, sliding doors, and window locks to be sure they don’t squeak and that they open easily and feel well-maintained

___Pack away your valuables and any weapons you may have in the house

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